dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Top Searches - politicians

What were the top searches on the political battlefield? It was an election of many firsts. Not only did the U.S. elect an African American president for the first time but 2008 also had a notable campaign by former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton, and the first female nominee for Vice President in the Republican Party, Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Other candidates secured their fair share of searches as well. On the other hand, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't involved in the presidential race, but searches for the "Governator" beat Democratic vice presidential pick Joe Biden and Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Top 10 Politician Searches

1. Barack Obama

2. Sarah Palin

3. John McCain

4. Hillary Clinton

5. George Bush

6. Ron Paul

7. John Edwards

8. Mike Huckabee

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

10. Mitt Romney

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