donderdag 21 mei 2009

Top Searches for new Celebrities

In 2008, tabloid staples cleaned up their acts due to court-ordered conservatorships (Britney Spears), pledges of sobriety (Lindsay Lohan), and motherhood (Nicole Richie). As a result, celebrity publications and bloggers shifted their focus to a new, younger set of headline makers, the New Brat Pack. Like their 1980s counterparts, the New Brat Pack celebs appear in each other's movies, music videos and social circles. They're all young (21 and under), popular and major money makers. And, their youth subjects them to greater public scrutiny.Disney proteges are coming into their own with huge success, including Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron.

Top 10 Rising Celebrity Searches

1. Miley Cyrus

2. Vanessa Anne Hudgens

3. Chris Brown

4. Jonas Brothers

5. Rihanna

6. Taylor Swift

7. Jamie Lynn Spears

8. Hayden Panettiere

9. Zac Efron

10. Selena Gomez

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