dinsdag 28 april 2009

Problem in Paint Shop Pro PSP X and XI

In Paint Shop Pro X and XI it is possible that the programme no longer wants to run. Most often you will get the folliwing error :

Buffer overrun detected!

Program Pro Photo XI/Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo.exe

A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.

Luckily there is a solution:

You probably did this during the reinstallation process, let's try clearing the cache once again.

A. Close Paint Shop Pro Photo XI if is currently open.
B. Go to Start | Run, Type appdata and click Ok.
C. Open the Corel folder.
D. Delete the following files:


E. Select the Paint Shop Pro Photo folder.
F. Select the 11 folder.
G. Delete the cache folder.
H. Close the open box.

This should do the trick: start the programme again and Corel PSP XI should work again

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