woensdag 24 juni 2009

What is the Pledgebank?

Have you already heard about the Pledgebank? It is an initiative in the same line of thought as Pay It Forward where users take positive action by using the 'snowball effect' principle. In England the Pledgebank has already scored some important successes like reducing the amount of plastic bags that are used in supermarkets, or convince people to vote.

The principle is very simple: somebody takes the initiative to make a promise (or pledge), where they say that they will do something, but only if a certain number of other people do the same. Some call it "positive peer-pressure", other just another way of informing others about a good idea.

I first heard about the initiative when a member of BeWelcome made a pledge to donate a small amount to BeWelcome through the Pledgebank. He will do this (and put up posters) if at least 20 people do the same. So far we have already 10 pledges, only 10 more to go. Maybe you want to help out? Just go to the BeWelcome pledge page.

The organisation behind this initiative is called MySociety and they have started other sustainable projects, like for example making the complicated British voting system clearer, or make the Web more democratic

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